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Fika and crazy adventures (Stockholm)

Munkai +1
Hello peeps! My name is Mimmi and im new in town, have started to settle and realised that some old friends have moved away, or moved on.

I am really interesed in meeting new people, and creating friendships. It would be great to hear and learn about more people in and around stockholm :)- we can have a little skype before meeting to make it easier.

More about me:
I am a funny, happy, openminded and easygoing person. I am the kind of person who puts alot of value into people, i am a feminist and a lefty. I love nature and making bonfires in places that allow it. Im interested in sci fi and drama film and series (GOT- cant believe what happened this season!!). I like climbing, badminton, basketball, but havnt had a chance to play for a few years as I was traveling studying and so on...

P.S. I am 28 years old, and i speak swedish too- just more comfy with english!!

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