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Can I have some advice girls? (Stockholm)

Fili +1
Hey:) so I’m gonna get right to the point, if you like someone (which I do) how to approach this person? you can’t go up and be like: “hey cutie, what’s up” so any advice? I’d really appreciate it. How to take the hint someone does or does not like you?
The guys I’ve been asking so far haven’t had a very good answer, just wanting to hook up or something and that’s fine with me but I’m looking for advice if that’s okay, not a F*** buddy so, any females? Privet or public - I just want advice from other females. {I’m a girl btw}

Varför vill du flagga inlägget?

Du är välkommen att flagga allt som inte passar in, även en tioåring ska kunna läsa det som skrivs.